5 Essential Items for Off-Grid living

solar panels on roof

Off grid living has grown in popularity in recent years, more and more people are opting out of the conventional style of living to live or more laid back, eco-friendly way of life. When you choose to live off-grid, you have no access to mainstream electricity therefore, you need to access your own source of power, solar power is a popular choice, as well as hydropower and bio-waste power. 

If you are thinking about moving off-grid, you need to consider purchasing some of the items listed in this article. Here is a list of five essential items for off grid living, these will certainly improve your quality of life when living off the grid. 


One of the items that you will need to start your life as an off-grid resident is a generator. Most generators are powered using diesel or petrol however, you can also purchase large battery-operated power generators that are solar powered. These are eco-friendlier and less expensive to operate than the diesel or petrol generators. 

Portable Power 

A portable power station such as Ecoflow delta power station is a small power source that allows you to charge your devices and power various low to mid power household items. This type of portable power source is battery powered and can be charged using solar panels or a car port. They come with super-fast charging capability, allowing you to charge them from 0% to 80 % in one hour. 

Solar Panels 

Solar panels are one of the most energy efficient ways of producing electrical power. They convert solar radiation into DC, for instance, one panel converts one watt of sunlight into 0.3 watts of usable electricity. This means that if you had two hours of sunshine in a day, you would get at least three hours of electrical power. 

Water Filtration System 

A water filtration system is vital because living off-grid means that you don’t have access to government-sourced water. Therefore, unless you live close to a spring, you would need to collect rain water or dig a borehole. Either way, you would need a water filtration system to remove any dirt or debris from your water before use. 

Water Storage Tank 

A water tank and pump are also necessary to store your rain water and to pump water into the house. In addition to the water tank, you could also purchase several water barrels to collect rainwater. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing to live off-grid is a big decision, you would need to consider all the pros and cons of living totally off the grid. If you are not ready to take the plunge and live off grid completely, you can opt for partial off-grid living as an alternative. 

Instead of cutting yourself off from government sourced water, you can collect rain water to reduce your water consumption. In addition, you can install solar panels to replace your usual electricity supply or to act as a backup to reduce your carbon footprint. 

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