The AeroBull iPhone docker impresses us with its ‘canine’ essence

AeroBull iPod iPhone dock speaker_1

We have harped about headsets that allow us to read dog minds, and we have prattled about washing machines that can be operated by dogs. Suffice it to say, we are dog lovers! And, being proud of belonging to this group, we were surely happy to stumble across the curiously impressive AeroBull iPod/iPhone docker from Jarre technologies.

The fascinating bull dog-inspired audio set comprises of an integrated dock speaker and sub-woofer, both tailored to work with Apple devices like iPhone and iPod. In fact, the mobile device can be easily docked on the top of the canine sculpture’s head, thus giving you unobtrusive visual connection with your preferred playlist.

Of course, since we mentioned the term ‘sculpture’, the effect of the AeroBull docker surely goes beyond its electronic credentials. The impeccable design and the vibrant details elevates its status to a unique showpiece for your living room or office. This evolved level of aesthetics also takes a personalized turn with the availability of five different colors – red, matte black, silver, gold and white.

AeroBull iPod iPhone dock speaker_2

AeroBull iPod iPhone dock speaker_7 AeroBull iPod iPhone dock speaker_8

Price – €999 (around $1,380). For buying, please refer to the AeroBull product page.

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