The fantastical Finnish Grill House comes equipped with its six-sided BBQ grill table

Finnish Grill House_1

It might look like a fantastical hut that has just come out of the ruffled pages of the Brothers Grimm stories – but there is more to the Finnish Grill House that just its enchanting aesthetics. As the name quite clearly suggests, the first and foremost feature of the snug-looking shelter is the house’s very own incorporated grill. And, this ain’t no ordinary grill; the charcoal-fueled cooking contraption boasts of its whopping six sided table-like platform that clearly reminds us of the utterly awesome Jag Grill BBQ Table.

The six sided BBQ grill quite aptly has a central grate, which makes it the focal point of the all the meat roasting activities inside the structure. This is complemented on the convenient level with a height adjustable mechanism and inclusion of LED strips for cooking during those cold winter nights.

Finnish Grill House_2

As for the features of the Finnish Grill House itself, the tiny habitat also flaunts its double-glazed windows and shingled roofing (which allows the users to cook in the outdoors). The snazzy sylvan ambiance is topped off with the utilization of sturdy Finnish pine for the wall-cladding and a separate seating area that comprises of presumably comfortable reindeer hides. And, lest we forget – the entire cooking castle can be bought with an unsurprisingly handsome price of $25,000.

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