The imposing De Rotterdam building complex wows us with deft space-saving interiors


Since the commencement of its construction back in 2009, the De Rotterdam project has been consistently making the news. Star architect Rem Koolhaas, of Netherlands-based firm OMA, is the man responsible for the imposing 44-storey building complex that now stands on the Wilhelmina Pier. Towering over 150 m, it is not just the largest building in the country. With its innovative ‘shifted block’ design and highly creative space-saving interiors, this ‘vertical city’ is an architectural marvel par excellence.

The building houses an assortment of shops, restaurants, offices, residential flats, gyms and cafes. Apart from the 70,000 sq m of office space, the mixed-use tower contains 240 apartments in the west block and a 285-room luxury hotel in the block to the east.

What is indeed unique and awe-inspiring about this glass facade skyscraper is the brilliant and extremely inventive use of transformable furniture. According to Developer Wim De Lathauwer , the main aim of the designers was to optimally utilize every available square meter. Instead of thinking in terms of number of bedrooms, they were more concerned about creating an ultra-modern design that was compact, space-saving and practical.

In fact, a Vimeo video, entitled ‘A five-room apartment at 60 square meters’, shows how a 60 sq m tiny home unit inside the building complex is transmogrified into a beautifully spacious living area. Even in the larger apartments, we find single rooms serving as office, wardrobe and guestroom.

Designed by Clei Italia, the incredibly versatile, multi-purpose furniture include colorful foldable chairs that double as modern wall art, and wall-mounted beds, with cute racks for flower pots and such, that can be lowered on top of the sofas.

De Rotterdam

The construction of the spectacular De Rotterdam tower, worth over $460 million, was finally completed in November, 2013.

Via: Arch Daily

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