The stately Ocean Kitchen counter-top flaunts its grand aquarium!

Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik_1

Your (elusive) Christmas bonus is still a long way off. And, while there are decadent designs like the Belgian chocolate bathroom ‘suite’ , we prefer something more functional yet indulgent. And, during such dearth of classy choices, comes the aptly-named ‘Ocean Kitchen’, a magnificent kitchen counter-top with its very own built-in aquarium!

Touted as one-of-a-kind project (and we believe that), this limited edition gem from Robert Kolenik boasts of a hydraulic top surface – which gives way to the aquarium by just the activation of a button. This imposing setup comes with an automatic feeding system, thus taking care of the marine lifeforms inside the installation without requiring your constant monitoring.

Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik_2

Moreover, the ambit is not about grandiose aesthetics; the Ocean Kitchen also shows its spatial flair by virtue of a L-shaped design (that is somewhat hidden by the fluid volume of the aquarium). This extra yet ample space at an right angle, can be utilized for storing your kitchen equipment, utensils and crockery. In other words, it is a practical extension of the seemingly splendid scope.

Now, if the product has ticked your fancy enough, you should think of drawing your dough quickly because of the item’s ‘limited edition’ tag. And, the good part is – the entire Ocean Kitchen counter-top can be built in accordance to your preference, which certainly traverses those awkward dimension problems.

Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik_3

Take a gander at the product page to make your retail choice.

Via: Gizmodo

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