For yummylicious dreams sleep on this French Fries Bed

French Fries Bed_1

French Fries figure high up, in the list of most favorite foods for most of us. They are the perfect comfort food in a break up, when in love and for no reason at all. Now imagine sleeping in a bed that resembles a small, greasy, salty carton of hot and crispy French Fries.

This Supersize Bed, designed by Cecillia Carey, will fulfill all your wildest food fantasies. Order the portions according to your liking. Getting into bed will never be the same again.

The colors and shape of the headboard looks almost identical to the French Fries from McDonalds’s and there is every chance you might be able to smell that familiar flavor in your head. Carey has designed the bed in collaboration with Harry Parr, a well-known food artist. The fries are in fact enormous pillows that can be easily removed and used for sleeping.

On this bed you are sure to wake up hungry and have a foodies dream every once in a while. Goodnight and Sweet Dreams.

French Fries Bed_2 French Fries Bed_3

Source: Foodiggity

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