The vibrant ‘neon’ all set to make its comeback in home decor

Neon, New Wave music and Brat Pack might have been nigh synonymous with the 80’s. But, among these three entities, the vibrancy of Neon is surely making a comeback; at least in the arena of our decor and furniture. Suited for the more ‘retro-reminiscent’ among us, the neon oriented design pieces are found across a wide spectrum of outlets like online shops, designer’s home websites and specialized workshops. As for the items themselves, they range from a slew of designs including ottomans, lamps and bookcases to even kitchen jars and decorative boxes.Neon all set to make its comeback_1

For example, we have Los Angeles-based designer Byron Samayoa’s laser-cut coasters, which were originally only envisaged in wood. However, the vivacity of neon started out another creatively ‘avant garde’ range of coasters for that perfect 80’s dining table decor.

Canadian textile artist Christine Skaley Reid has created her unique project of eclectic pillows and accent cushions with floral patterns and simple embellishments. The items are currently on sale on Etsy.

HomeGoods offers their remarkable range of colorful lamps and ottomans, along with a myriad types of sprightly hued kitchen tools and decorative boxes.

Finally, we have the ‘citrus flavored’ and soft color-tinted home accessories from designer Brooke Jones. Comprising of exotic animals shaped items like jars and bottle openers, the collection is certainly a good introduction to the realm of neon.

Neon all set to make its comeback_2

Via: WashingtonPost/LeaderPost

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