10 outlandishly designed sofas for your living room

The Toothbrush Sofa

Our newly launched Hot List does have a slew of sizzling topics; some that takes you through the antediluvian era of copper studded Steampunk household items, and some that showers you with the eccentric side of furniture designs. Now, the topic at hand deals with the second category, as it delves into the outlandish realm of crazy looking sofas. So, put on your seat belts, for we are about to take a wild ride through various contrivances of sofas served with dollops of capriciousness.

1) The Tiger Chaise Longue

The Tiger Chaise Longue

A sofa fit for royalty! Of course, the chaise longue design uses faux tiger pelts for the upholstery. And, in this regard, the attention to details are uncanny with the familiar stripes of black over cantaloupe, a majestic visage of the animal posing as the armrest, and finally the support legs that are crafted in the form of the tiger’s paws. Talk about intimidating your guests!

2) The Cactus Sofa

The Cactus Sofa

The thing about the above pictured conception is that we are not really sure if it has been photo-shopped for that ‘prickly’ effect. All we know is that the ‘sofa’ was actually used for an AXN ad, with the tagline “Relax if you can.” A similar cactus-mimicking sofa arrangement was designed by Maurizio Galante, by using some deft printing techniques on a bi-elastic fabric.

3) The Toothbrush Sofa

The Toothbrush Sofa

Looking like the soft version of the ‘Iron Throne‘ (which by the way has already been achieved in DIY, and that too by keyboards!), the melted swords meekly give way to fluffy bristles. The comfort level offered by the Toothbrush Sofa is exuded by the light-blue color composition of these bristles, created from soft foam. And, the best part is that you can also hide in this sofa from your wife, presumably after those toilet seat related confrontations.

4) The 50’s Futuristic Car Sofa

The 50's Futuristic Car Sofa

The subtly bulbous form, the roundish wheel guards and the perfectly streamlined body – all are highly reminiscent of those ‘Popular Science’ futuristic cars. The same ‘Steampunk‘ finishes are adroitly applied on the sofa design, and then complemented by a copper-hued metallic paint job, along with perfectly working headlights and taillights!

5) The Space Pod Sofa cum Bed

The Space Pod Sofa cum Bed

Since we are talking about futuristic designs, a personal sleep pod might just be the solution for your escape from the daily pandemonium of stresses. The Space Pod Sofa cum Bed would come in handy for such scenarios, with its sphere shaped ‘semi-private’ cover and a comfortable looking couch. There are also separate stands for keeping your refreshments, while you can kick back and enjoy your movies and TV.

6) The Fat Cat Sofa

The Fat Cat Sofa

Looking more like a boisterous elephant than your ordinary, leg-scratching fat cat, the cat sofa does play with our sense of scale. Moreover, one would require a huge living space (along with a big door) for just shoving the whole gargantuan piece inside the room. But again, that’s what it takes to have that sweet, bewildered look on your neighbor’s face.

7) Weird ‘organically’ designed sofa seat

Weird 'organically' designed sofa seat

Is it a monstrous octopus or a skinned chicken? You can take your pick. However, the creepy side of the design is pretty conspicuous with the rubbery, sluggish yet slick material used for the upholstery. Unfortunately, we do not have much info on the type of material used for this scary conception. But we can concur on one point – it is a damn good replication of the frightening, Jaw-esque side of nature!

8) The Cow Sofa

The Cow Sofa

From the majestic tiger, we have come down to the eternally tranquil bovine. Resembling the ‘spaced out’ look of South Park animated cows, the sofa supports are cutely crafted in the form of four legs of our favorite milk supplying quadruples. And, what’s more – the black and white combination does have a tendency to enrich the bolder side of your home decor.

9) Stephen Colbert Couch

Stephen Colbert Couch

Those who have spent their whole life in Neptune, Stephen Colbert is arguably America’s greatest political satirist. And, now artist Matt Charlan has dedicated his remarkable art-work in the form of an IKEA sofa completely painted as a gargantuan portrait of Colbert. Though, we must confess; we do not entirely understand the implication of the seductive pose from the model

10) Magnetically Levitating Cloud Sofa

Magnetically Levitating Cloud Sofa

As our final entry, we have decided to go with a bit of technology fused with some eccentricity. Conceptualized by designer D.K. Wei, the sofa’s working scope entails a floating fluff of couch that is kept suspended in the air by the magnetic force generated at the bottom base. So, in a nutshell, it follows the same principle of those high-speed, Maglev trains!

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