Tips for maintaining your home’s plumbing system


Unlike other things in your house, renovating or repairing plumbing work is difficult, as the pipelines are well-placed within the walls and run throughout the house. However, once in a while, every homeowner faces some plumbing problems. 

Plumbing is an intricate system that is often taken for granted unless something goes wrong with it. 

While doing regular maintenance is an easy task, if you are unsure of what you are doing, you should contact a plumber to help you with your home’s plumbing maintenance work. 

Here are some tips that will help you maintain your home’s plumbing system so that you can avoid inconvenience in the future. 

  1. Do not flush everything

The toilet is not a dustbin where you can flush in wrappers or any other thing. You should only flush water-soluble toilet paper. Many people often dispose of hair clips, hair ties, sanitary napkins, cotton, and other items, which can clog the toilet. If there is a blockage in the toilet and the regular plunger fails to do the job, you must call a plumber as they have tools like snakes and augers to eliminate major blockages. 

  1. Check for leaks in the tank

If you are unsure whether your toilet’s tank is leaking into the bowl, you must try putting red food coloring into the tank to check. If you see the red marks or signs of the red coloring in the toilet, you must replace the tank ball or other components to reduce water wastage. 

  1. Clean showerheads

As time passes, showerheads accumulate mineral deposits which clog them and reduce the water pressure. 

To get rid of the mineral deposits in the showerhead, all you need to do is remove the showerhead and soak it into vinegar for up to twenty-four hours. But for proper maintenance and cleaning, call an expert.  

  1. Inspect for leaks 

Running toilets and leaky toilets can cost you a lot of money in water bills. The primary cause of plumbing leaks is corroded and rusted pipes. So, you must inspect any exposed pipes in your home to check for signs of decay or rust. If you see any rust or drops of water on the outside of the pipe, you may need to contact a plumber to replace the pipe. 

  1. Install drain covers

Installing mesh drain covers is a viable option to prevent hair strands, chips of soaps, or other small items from falling into the drain. Consult a plumber who will help you install mesh covers in all your sinks and washroom drains to help prevent them from clogging. 

  1. Flush your heater

Over time the water heater can accumulate tons of mineral sediments at the bottom and on the anode rod. So, it is best to flush the water heater at least once a year. If you do not flush the heater regularly, the sediments at the bottom of the tank will cause rusting and the anode rod. 

A plumbing system is complicated and requires a lot of work if things malfunction, so it is best to take some time to maintain it properly. If you do not know how to maintain it, you must call an expert to cover all the plumbing maintenance work.

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