Six Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Plumbing System


No one wants to deal with problematic plumbing regularly; as a result, various measures need to be taken to ensure the time lapse between each primary plumbing job is as long as possible.

Insulate Water Pipes

The most frustrating element to deal with is the water pipes. These need to be durable, avoiding the disintegration of these pipes from harsh liquids pouring down the drain or simple changes in weather or climate conditions. And to counter these unfortunate effects, better piping technology has been developed in the form of fiberglass tubing; its ability to withstand anything has made it a fan favorite and now the yardstick for all pipes.

Keep Drains Clean and Prevent Clogs

It is relatively inevitable to get carried away when there is buildup happening in your drains. But when that blockage finally occurs, the least appealing thing to do is to start extracting all that grime from the past few months to start the unlocking process. To avoid this tumultuous task, always ensure that nothing that cannot dissolve on its own goes down that drain. 

If it’s the shower, try to unclog it as often as every two weeks using drain cleaning acid granules or any other drain cleaners available. You will need to make sure all food remnants are cleared from plates and into the refuse bags for the kitchen sink. 

Prioritize Maintenance for Your Water Heater

This is very important because once this fails, it could mean not hot water for a little while until replaced, which is always challenging in winter or the rainy season. One needs to look out for several things, including rust, irregular pressure of the water, a dated water heater, unstable electric job, a not properly fastened or put-together unit that would probably cause water to seep out, creating other forms of damage, among others.

Soften Your Water

This undoubtedly alleviates the pressure of cleaning your drains; even though it is very effective, it doesn’t require further work than usual to achieve good results. This also helps reduce the amount of grime that would generally affect your favorite drain utilizing appliances like laundry machines and dishwashers.

Inspect Pipes Regularly

Sometimes the measures in place might not be working properly. So, it is always best to check them out at regular intervals to ensure the pipes are still intact. And there are no sudden or gradual issues building up to eventually cause expensive problems that could have been avoided or handled earlier. This also allows you to measure or ascertain the quality or durability of the pipes installed.

Prepare Pipes for Winter

Winter can cause unexpected damage to these pipes, so it is necessary to ensure they are well insulated or protected from the cold, which will freeze, expand, and eventually split them. Several measures need to be implemented, including attachment to a heating cord that regulates the temperature against the cold weather.

All in all, this is a regular process that needs vigilance and the ability to maintain and sustain one’s plumbing regardless of the season at hand.

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