WatchLock – A ‘smart’ locking system with chip and built-in GPS device


For most of us, locks pose as the primary security mechanisms for our homes, offices and business establishments. However, the limitation of a conventional lock is getting is more apparent day by day, especially in the current digital age where the ambit of remote communication (with our home’s safety system) is gradually gaining favor among tech enthusiasts.

Well, two Israeli companies Mul-T-Lock and Starcom have collaborated to solve this issue of a common lock by bringing the scope of ‘smartness’ into the fray. And, as a glorious result, we have the WatchLock, an advanced locking product that comes integrated with its very own chip and built-in GPS tracking device.

So, what exactly does the chip and GPS mechanism of the Watchlock entail? Well, according to the designers, the ‘smart lock’ will send alerts to the user, if the device has been touched, tampered, moved or even unlocked by an unknown person. The user can remotely access these alerts via a slew of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and computers.

Maxim Prilutsky, MD of the WatchLock Division at Starcom, has gone on to say –

Basically we manufacture for many different monitoring solutions. We had the idea that two units [the lock and the GPS] could protect one asset. If we are talking about the trucking industry, it can protect the truck itself, and even the driver.

From this statement, we can gather that the advantages of the WatchLock are not just limited to homes, but also encompasses mobile installations like transport trucks. These innovative credentials of the conception have actually not gone unnoticed, with the design emerging as one of the finalist entries at the exalted 2012 International Fire and Security Exhibition and Conference, held in Britain.

And, as for the commercial side of affairs, each WatchLock device will come for $380, with an additional $7 monthly fee for alerts and monitoring activities.

Via: Israel21C

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