WaterDog that always keeps your dog hydrated with some of its unique features

If we seek back in history we will find that dogs are our best companions from the very first day since humans started their struggle to survive on earth. Now as we have done so much advancement in the area of technology that has direct impact on our changed lifestyle. We use numbers of hi-tech gadgets to ease up our day today work and considering this WaterDog is an awesome product that we can buy and show our affection and caring towards our dog. The WaterDog can be fixed outdoors hose spigot. Featuring a motion detector it senses the presence of your dog when approached and opens up gentle flow of drinking water to satisfy thirst of your dog. Thereafter, the water supply cuts off automatically when your dog is done with drinking and moves away. The best part of this WaterDog is that you don’t have to bother always to keep the bowl of your dog filled to keep your dog always hydrated. This lessens dependency of your dog on you for such important needs.

You can get WaterDog for $70 and also there is $35 Remote Location kit available that you can fix anywhere in your garden, if you do not want to fix it into the hose spigot.

Via: Coolhunting/Waterdog

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