What to do With an Unused Garage (5 Ideas to Put it to use)

convert unused garage

There was a time when it wouldn’t be considered for anything other than keeping the car in, but the humble garage has fallen into disuse. This might be for several reasons, cars are getting bigger, we also simply have more stuff, due to the consumerist nature of our society, and the garage becomes the default dumping ground for a large amount of this clutter. So what to do with an unused garage is a common question that a homeowner will ponder? Here are a few ideas.

Convert Your Garage

More living space is always a bonus that no-one would turn down and is also a great way of adding extra value to your home. Granted that this is only possible where the garage is physically attached to the rest of the home. Get a few home renovation building contractors round to give you a quote on how much the work will cost. This will no doubt result in a variety of prices, and you need to take a few things into account when choosing who to go with? The cheapest will be cheap for a reason, ask if it’s a final price or an estimate? Sometimes the cost can end up rising if not a firm quote in the first place. Check reviews from previous customers on Google, Facebook, etc.

Start a Home Business from Your Garage

Anyone can start a home business these days, trading advertising, etc. are all super easy due to the internet. If you are selling stock it could be a store-room? Or if you offer a service, such as hairdressing it could be a studio. It’s effectively a small business premises just waiting to be used.

Fix it Up

We’ve talked about alternative uses for an unused garage, but why not go back to using it as a garage? Keeping the car dry is better for it and can lower insurance premiums and increase car value at the sell-on point. If the garage needs repair then look to get the necessary repairs done, we used garage door repair in phoenix to get it fixed up and are delighted with it now.

Play Room for the Kids

Why not put it to use as a playroom for the kids? Every parent will tell you that when it’s a poor weather day, or several days if it’s a vacation from school, then it can be destructive chaos having them in the house. You could turn the old garage into a dedicated play space and set it up however you like. This could include wet play areas or even your own little soft play space.

Home Gym

If you don’t have kids or just want to use the area for you, then why not a home gym? It would be an expense upfront but the cost of a gym membership soon adds up and you’ll have a space just for you. This is more private and also more convenient, it really gives you no excuse to skip a session! Check out this quick guide on how to set it up.

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