5 of the best ways to add value to your home

contemporary architectural design

Making your house feel like a home to you can be fun but if this isn’t your forever home, you really should be focussing on adding value when you make changes. If you were to make changes that negatively affected the value of your home, for instance, you might come to regret it when it’s time to move on and you need the equity to purchase your next home. We’ll take a look at some of the best changes that you can make. Changes that give you the opportunity to stamp your personal style on your home but also add value.

1. Convert your garage to living space

Everyone loves a bit of extra space in their home. Whether it’s space for the kids to hang out with their friends, an area to be used to support someone’s hobby or even a home cinema, creating extra rooms is a surefire way to not only add value but to create interest in your home when it comes to selling it. Garages are great spaces to convert because we rarely use them anymore, with most of us having spacious enough drives to fit our cars. get some ideas for what you could create online.

2. Loft conversion to add a bedroom

Adding bedrooms to your property always adds value. People with bigger families are always grateful for houses with extra bedrooms and they are willing to pay for it. The great thing about loft conversions is that they usually create interesting, quirky bedrooms too. Buyers will love it when you are ready to sell. Conversions can be expensive. If you need help funding it, consider re-mortgaging. You can easily do a mortgage comparison to get an idea of costs.

3. Get a new bathroom

House buyers love tastefully decorated bathrooms. Consider putting a new one to add value to your home. Let’s face it, you will love it too whilst ever you are living in the house Read our post looking at how to give your bathroom an amazing spa look for some ideas.

bathroom bathtub with wooden wall

4. Extend the kitchen with a side-return extension

Big kitchens really sell homes. The kitchen really is the heart of the home. Buyers really love walking into a house where they can visualize all the family gathered in the kitchen chatting about the events of the day whilst cooking or eating together. A big kitchen is known to keep families together, so give yourself and your future buyers the gift of good family occasions by extending yours with a side-return extension.

cabinets with contemporary counter

5. Make the living area open-plan

The modern look for a house is open-plan living. There is just something about it that opens a home up to possibilities. It makes space appear bigger and actually gives a larger space for your family to congregate. You will really appreciate it when it comes to sitting down together to watch a film or to talk about the day, especially if you fill the space with comfortable seating options. Future buyers will love it too, your house will appear modern to them and they will love picturing their family in there.

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