10 cool kitchen tricks to streamline your storage space

When it comes to the realm of apartments, most of us have to forgo those fancy pantries and large refrigerators, and instead settle for spatially efficient kitchen units. However, smaller spaces always don’t amount to reduced capacity for kitchen storage. In fact, with a bit of ingenuity and resourcefulness, we can actually improve upon the overall storage scope. So, without further ado, let us briefly discuss 10 such nifty yet simple tricks that helps us to systematize our kitchen’s storage pattern.

1. It all starts with from the drawing board –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_1

It is always handy to keep a chalkboard with the correct measurement equivalents, especially when it comes to those exotic dishes. And, what’s more; you can also use the board as a storing instrument for various spoon sizes.

2. Cabinets are more spacious than you think –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_2

The most underutilized part of a cabinet is actually the inner section of its door. Use it for keeping small kitchen items with the help of command strips.

3. A blank fridge door? Waste of space! –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_3

Yes, fridge door stickers are adorable. But spice containers that magnetically attach to the doors are delectable and practical.

4. Wall-spaces alongside window frames make for good storage areas –

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This is specially true because of the ‘support’ provided by the wall cabinets on both sides. So, you can easily construct shelves along the side-facades of these cabinets for more storage area.

5. Why waste your kitchen’s ceiling space? –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_5

Storing those meddlesome pots and pans inside cabinets is unwieldy to say the least. As a solution, you can suspend them from the ever uncluttered ceiling space.

6. Cutting boards can go hand in hand with sinks –

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If your kitchen is lacking in counter-top surface, you can certainly shift your cutting board over the sink. This also makes it easier to dispose off the wasted bits in the garbage disposal.

7. Curtain rods – Saviors of container lids –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_7

Lids can prove to be the most elusive of all kitchen utensils, especially when you require them the most. Well, keep them in plain sight by hanging the lids from a curtain rod for easy access.

8. Slimmer rolling carts expand storage space –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_8

While bigger rolling carts can be obtrusive to the kitchen’s circulation, thinner ones can surely be utilized along side-facades of low-level cabinets and large ovens.

9. Shelves inside shelves for optimized spatial arrangement –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_9

If you are really into the systematized organization of your utensils and crockery, a shelving system inside a shelf will makes things more streamlined. This not only saves space, but also improves upon the accessibility scope.

10. Get rid of that ugly and space-consuming Pedigree box –

Kitchen tricks for storage space_10

Cereal containers are perfect and safe for keeping your dog or cat food. Don’t waste precious kitchen space on those protruding paper boxes.

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