3 Home Decor Ideas to Make Yourself Feel More at Home in a Place

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Signing a rental or purchase agreement is not enough to feel that a place truly belongs to you. To turn a house or an apartment into a home takes time and effort. But adding a personal touch to a place is important if you want to feel comfortable and happy there. Your sense of belonging will depend on your ability to make the place reflect your personality, lifestyle, and taste. 

How to make a place feel like home? Here are three home décor ideas that can transform a neutral space into one that represents you and that you can love. 

Use Candles as Décor Elements 

A scent can trigger a whole range of subtle emotions. Studies have shown that our sense of smell is connected with the emotional center in the brain. This means that familiar scents can bring back pleasant feelings associated with events of the past. Surrounding yourself with familiar scents is an excellent way to positively change your perception of a new space.

 To enjoy your favorite fragrances, decorate spaces in your home with scented candles or essential oil diffusers that puff scents into the air. Candles, candleholders, and fragrance diffusers are attractive décor elements that change the ambiance of a space. They come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and styles, from sophisticated to funny, so you can choose items that best fit the overall vibe of the house. 

Surround Yourself with Personal Photos 

The digital world has changed how we preserve our memories and reflect on our lives.  If we want to remember a past event or we miss seeing the face of someone we love, we scroll through social media or our smartphone’s gallery. But this is never as satisfying and wholesome as looking at an actual photo. You can tell that there’s something important missing when you enter a house without personal photos around. 

To make a place feel like home, purchase stylish frames and photo albums and surround yourself with photos of your loved ones. This is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Memories of the beautiful moments spent with your friends and family will fill you with joy every time you look at the photos. Besides, photo frames have great aesthetic potential and can bring life to sterile areas in your home. 

Fill the Space with Plants 

Being surrounded by green vegetation is a universal, deep-seated need, which explains our modern fascination with indoor plants. Whether you had plants in your previous home or not, you will notice that decorating your new space with beautiful plants is an effective way to create that unique feeling of coziness and familiarity. 

Most décor elements fulfill their aesthetic role but can’t draw an emotional response from us. But plants can improve your mood and make your new home look inviting. Plus, they improve air quality. There’s a wide variety of stunning low-maintenance indoor plants that thrive in a home. Some will surely attract your attention if you visit a nursery. 

When you move to a new place, you need to make some changes to create that warm ambiance that tells you that you are at home. Use the home décor ideas above for inspiration.

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