All You Need To Know About Growing Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Having indoor plants isn’t new. For years, people have been growing them indoors, helping improve air quality and aesthetics. Growing your plants indoors makes gardening throughout winter possible.

If you’ve recently bought your plants and you notice that the plant is dying, it could be that you’re not applying the right indoor plant fertilisers. Observing proper plant husbandry techniques ensures that your plant thrives and continues to look great.


A recent horticultural report indicated that Australian growers sold between 43 – 57 million indoor plants to retailers. This number is expected to rise as people wake to the benefits of having these plants in their houses.

Native Plants That Do Well Indoors

  • Native Violet

With its dark green kidney-shaped leaves, the native violet makes a stunning indoor plant. You can take advantage of this plant’s beauty and plant it in a pot or hanging basket. This will give it much room to grow and spread.

It’s relatively easy to maintain, but you need to be cautious while watering. Unlike other plants that you can grow using hydroponics, this plant prefers soil.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you ever come across any individual growing this plant and ask them about their thoughts regarding it, chances are they’ll tell you how happy they are with it. It has recently taken the interior designing world by storm. It’s excellent as a sculpture and acts as a WOW factor.

  • ZZ Plant

Renowned for its exotic looks, high tolerance to neglect, and glossy green leaves, this plant is the pride of many gardeners. Originally from East Africa, this plant is gorgeous to look at and difficult to kill. It would serve as a centrepiece in homes and offices.

zz plant
  • Spider Plant

The spider plant is quite popular. This is due to its ease of growth and high adaptability. Like the ZZ plant, it can take a beating. It has a high tolerance to direct sunlight. It’s easy to breed and share with another enthusiast.

  • Pothos

Undoubtedly one of the most stunning indoor plants on the list. Pothos plants do well in bright yellow and low light conditions. Like most plants on the list, it requires minimal attention to grow. 

pothos plant

Taking Care Of Indoor Plants

While having plants indoors is awesome, it comes with its share of work. To ensure that they grow and flourish, you need to create a conducive environment. Fortunately, most of these plants have developed to withstand a certain degree of negligence. 

Despite this, you need to observe the following:

  • Fertiliser

Whether you choose to grow them in soil or using hydroponics, plants need a healthy dose of the right indoor plant fertilisers to do well. The fertiliser is responsible for providing the necessary nutrients.

  • Water

Like with most living things, plants too need water to grow. For the right amount of water, please speak to your botanist.

  • Light

What makes indoor plants ideal for such an environment is that they can survive under low light conditions. However, please recognise that they still need a bit of light for photosynthesis.

  • Temperature

As you craft where to grow your plants, ensure that the room is adequately ventilated. The room temperature and humidity levels need to be right. Failure to observe this could lead to catastrophic results.

  • Size Of Pots

Depending on the plant’s type and stage, the pot’s size is of equal importance to its survivability. The roots require enough space to grow.

Having indoor plants is quite beneficial. With a bit of focus and passion, you can harness these benefits for you and your family. Good luck with your gardening, and don’t forget to give your plants some loving, as they do with you by cleaning the air.

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