4 changes you can make around the home to help save energy

saving energy in your home

It’s up to every one of us to play a part in protecting our planet, and what better place to start than on our own doorstep. Making adjustments to how you live day to day can do wonders in terms of reducing your carbon footprint, so it’s worthwhile finding out what changes would be feasible for your family to implement.

Here are 4 changes you can make around the home to help save energy.


There are many things you can do in terms of lighting that will make your house far greener. If you have children who regularly forget to switch the lights off when they leave the room, then motion sensor lighting might be a perfect addition to your home. A sensor can be easily installed and detects when the room is occupied. When a room is empty, the lights will automatically switch off. It’s a great way to save energy and will do wonders for your energy bills too.  

Another great way to save energy via lighting is to switch to LED bulbs throughout your home. They use far less energy than traditional or even standard energy-saving bulbs, so are a great alternative.

Solar panels

Having solar panels fitted to your property can produce some very welcomed cost savings, and will play a huge part in helping our planet. The panels work alongside an inverter to convert sunlight to electricity which powers your home. Unused electricity is fed back into the utility grid, and a credit for the monetary equivalent is usually applied back to your account.

If solar power is something you are considering, but you are unsure how much money you could save over a certain period, there are many online tools and calculators that can help you estimate your solar savings. Solar power a great way to save money while doing your bit for the environment. 

Maintain your boiler

If your boiler isn’t running as efficiently as it should be, it can waste energy, so it’s recommended that you have it serviced by a qualified engineer around once a year. Not only will this ensure that all the parts are working safely and to full capacity but should also reduce the chances of your boiler packing in. 

If your boiler is over ten years old and you notice an increase in your energy bills, it may be time to replace it. Although this will incur a substantial outlay, it will be worth it in the long run. Your energy usage should decrease, and you should start to see a drop in your monthly bills. 

Energy-efficient appliances

If you are looking for new appliances, be sure to check their energy efficiency ratings. The higher the rating, the more eco-friendly they are likely to be. With appliances such as washing machines, for example, you may find that the timescales for a wash are far longer than you are used to. This is because each cycle uses less water and less energy, and so take longer to complete. You might find this a tad annoying in the beginning but remind yourself that it’s better for the planet, and over time you will get used to it.  

Appliances are usually labeled with their efficiency rating, but if you are in any doubt, check the manufacturer’s website for more detailed information.

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