How to Turn Your Home Into a Successful Working B&B

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When looking for a new business opportunity, we often forget how much of an asset our family home could be. Often home working is assumed to be setting aside a small area in the home as an office and selling goods or services online, but why not use your whole home as the business and start a B & B? Don’t underestimate the amount of work involved, as it is a huge undertaking, but can be rewarding if done well.

Consider the Layout 

It is not just that you have enough rooms spare to let as holiday accommodation, you should also consider if the layout works as a business? Do you have ample enough space to be used as a communal dining area? Also, is there part of the house you can keep as your private area, as this is a full-on job and a quiet place of solace may be essential? You will need to have locks fitted in each bedroom for security and ensure there are enough bathrooms.

Legal Requirements 

There are various legal requirements you must adhere to when opening a B & B. If you are altering the premises in any way, then planning permission must be granted before any work can begin. We must be adequately insured for the type of business we are running. Safety regulations are also stringent and include gas safety checks, electrical testing of all items in the property, and any licenses to serve food and/or alcohol must be obtained.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

There are two equally important reasons why we must pay close attention to cleanliness and hygiene standards. Firstly, we can be shut down by the authorities if we are below the basic standards. We always would be proactive in sorting any problem at its instance; once we had a suspected bed bug issue and immediately called out who stopped a small concern becoming a big issue.

Secondly, we want to promote a favorable reputation of excellent standards and service. One of the first things a guest notices is a dirty or shabby room. Make sure you have a robust cleaning routine that is followed to the letter every time. Even consider specialist cleaning tools that you would not deem necessary in a domestic setting; check out this duvet and mattress vacuum cleaner as an example.

Hire Staff

Unless you run a very small B & B, you will need some staff to help out. Even just part-time workers allow you a little breathing space. Hiring staff is easy, you can put a simple advert online, screen candidates and select the best for interview.

Get Customers

Once you have your house set up to accept guests, you will need to find some customers. Most established B & Bs work on word of mouth, or have regular repeat customers, even commercial contracts. But you will have to work hard for the first year or two to get going. Be sure to register on booking sites that can find you customers for a percentage fee. Set up social media accounts, as these are easy ways to promote yourself and talk to potential customers.

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