5 Home Upgrades to Boost Seller Appeal

selling your house

Want to sell your house quickly and successfully? These 5 home upgrades can boost your home’s curb appeal and help you stand out as a star seller.

The housing market has been on an upwards trend since back in 2020. As the nation were all confined to our homes, many of us realised that our homes were not big enough. The real estate market became a seller’s market and, for a short while, thousands of us made millions in profit in selling our homes. 

Now that the market is finally starting to stabilise, there is less demand for new property. The speed of sales has dropped off, leaving some sellers high and dry. Prices are dropping and an overall dip is on the horizon. The property bubble is in the process of bursting. So how do you make your home stand out?

The 5 Home Improvements that will Set You Apart on the Property Market

If you need to sell your home fast, try the following upgrades to catch the eye of passing buyers.

1 – Fresh Paint

Exterior and interior paint has a high ROI when you are reselling your house. It costs extraordinarily little to paint the bathroom and kitchen walls for you. For the buyer, it looks fresh and inviting. They could move straight in without doing anything to it. It’s clean. A neat, bright house is the best thing to come home to.

2 – A Tidy Garden

Your garden might not be big, it doesn’t matter if it is tidy. A neat garden is what people want. Again, this is about how they perceive your home. Could they move into it tomorrow without any extra work? If so, this could be the home for them. The garden is the first chance to make a good impression. Tidy it up and keep it neat while you are trying to sell.

3 – Kitchen and Bathroom

These two areas get grubbiest fast because they are high traffic rooms. Each member of your household uses them several times per day. You might need to upgrade both rooms before you can sell your property. If you can’t afford a full upgrade, you can do wonderful things with fresh paint and wallpaper. New flooring doesn’t have to be expensive to look good.

4 – Cabinet Doors

One thing that will age any room quickly are the doors on the cupboards. Be it mirrored wardrobe doors or wooden ones, a door hanging by its hinges will distract your buyers and put them off. It looks like more work than it is. Simple fixes like this all over your house will make an enormous difference to buyers. Replace the worst of the damage and, if you can’t fix it, at least make it clean.

5 – Lighting

A light, bright, airy house is part lighting and part cleanliness. You can make any room feel more spacious with bright enough lights. Make use of atmospheric lights to help buyers envision themselves staying in your home. Strip lighting to up-light cabinets is a real trend right now. Garden lighting is another favourite way to entrance those potential buyers in your home.

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