5 Practical Ways to Keep Your Vertical Blinds Clean

vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a great way to make your space look sophisticated and chic. They make an excellent alternative to traditional curtains, offering similar light-barring ability and tilting feature that filters natural light. 

Though hardly needing any maintenance, vertical blinds call for proper cleaning, from time to time. The way they hang in front of chasms, dust tends to accumulate on them. With oversized doors and windows, cleaning vertical blinds can become a time-consuming and frustrating chore. 

And that’s why it’s best to hire a specialist with professional equipment and products like the ones featured on home cleaning guides like cleanhomeguide.co.uk. Professionals have excellent expertise in the various ways to keep the blinds clean, each with varying degrees of difficulty. Here are some fantastic tips to keep your vertical blinds clean, in line with what experts recommend:

Cleaning by Hand

When planning to clean the vertical blinds, check the dirt level. If it’s just a thin layer, wipe it off with the slats attached to the rail. But if you think the blinds need a deep clean, then pull them down.

In most cases, all that you need is warm water and some mild dish detergent. A vac with a soft dusting brush can impeccably dust off the debris. Use a cleaning tool, specially designed for this purpose, wet it, and clean the individual slats. Finally, let the blinds dry naturally.

Cleaning with Washing Machine

This tip works well for vertical blinds made from fabric. But first, check the label on the blind to confirm if the cloth can withstand machine wash. Ensure you wash only the fabric, removing all metal extensions, clips, and weights. 

Avoid using hot water, since it can melt the glue that is present in the vertical blinds. Also, there is no need to spin-dry, leave the blinds to dry naturally, to avoid fabric damage.

Cleaning with Steam Cleaner

It is an excellent alternative to handwashing, emerging as a great way to wash your vertical blinds quickly. But to steam clean, you have to wipe off the dirt layer before using the cleaner at low to medium temperature. 

The heat level plays a crucial role since high heat can decolourise the blind fabric and damage any adhesive and plastic the vertical blinds feature. It is advisable to test the steam cleaner on a small area in the blinds; if it works well, then start from the top and move quickly to the bottom for best results.

Removing Molds

Molds are always hideous, and the worst part is they can adversely affect your health. If you find mold on your vertical blinds, it needs your immediate attention. Remove the slats from the rail, and with a soft brush, dust off as much mold as possible. 

Then you can use a chemical solution, leave it on the fabric for a while. Using a cleaning tool, wipe off the slats to remove all traces of molds.

Avoid Cleaning with Dishwasher

The vertical blinds come in delicate fabric, requiring careful handling. Whereas, the water in the dishwasher flows in full force, and it is too hot, that the blind fabric can easily distort, leaving them damaged. Experts do not recommend dishwasher cleaning.

Vertical blinds are a great value addition to your home, super functional window treatment for large outlets in high traffic areas. Consult an experienced cleaning expert to keep them clean, thus enhancing your living space’s aesthetic appeal.

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