Contemporary Style House – Modern House Design for People With Refined Taste

contemporary modern house design

Nothing beats modular homes when it comes to being able to tailor your future living space to your precise needs and wishes. This type of construction comes with numerous benefits including sustainability, saving time and money for the building process itself and reducing heating and air-conditioning costs and even structural defects in the long run. 

That being said, it’s safe to say that this design is all about achieving ultimate functionality in as many aspects as possible. Therefore, the decisions that have to do with furnishing these homes should also reflect that, not at the expense of creating an appealing environment, of course. However, that’s the thing – by simplifying living, what remains is what’s essential and therein lies true beauty. Creating a home that’s refined requires a mindset that has been redefined!

Timber and Neutral Tones Get a Spotlight

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Textural finishes and earthy tones have become quite prominent in modern design. This approach is pivotal for setting up a well-balanced base for creating a home that will have no extra elements, but will still ooze with warmth. To that effect, timber is used both for the interior and the exterior of modern modular homes. This material offers so much appeal and character in every form, but even more so when natural growth rings, gum veins and ambrosia enter the equation. The patina of time can only make things better in this aspect, much like fine wines.

What goes hand in hand with abundance of timber is crisp whites, pebble greys and cool concrete shades. These colour variations can seamlessly come into play by staying true to a theme (by translating and reflecting elements from the exterior inside, thus adding cohesion, consistency and depth). That can be achieved with luxury finishes made of concrete, marble and stone, but you don’t have to stick to one choice only. Different textures can add more visual interest and as long as they are in neutral tones, they won’t overwhelm the space.

It’s also important to mention that neutral tones have the power to open up a space and make it appear wider. Along with the trend of clean instead of intricate lines, modern homes of today are taking neatness and the notion of easy living up a notch.

Light, Even More So

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Natural light should be a huge priority to every home. Modular homes offer much more flexibility regarding choosing the orientation of your home and that brings about so many additional advantages. First of all, areas that abound in light are naturally better for our mental health. Also, the smart design of such contemporary style house can help with energy efficiency – you can adjust things according to your climate zone, map the course of the sun and wind and use the info to determine the position and size of windows. All of this will amount to more comfort and lower heating and cooling bills.

Decor, Not so Much

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There is a simple formula for decorating a contemporary style house –  you only need a few well chosen items, and if they can serve a purpose beyond décor, even better. Grouping a few antique items by colour or size or both is a lovely way to add a luxury touch to a modern space. Next, you can soften the modern edge of stainless steel in your kitchen cabinetry with brass inlays and thus add a decorative touch without introducing more items to your space.  Another way to balance out sleek lines is to add a few potted plants – make sure the pots are sleek and in a neutral colour and let the green create a bit of contrast. Finally, go for one piece of artwork to anchor the room, a whole gallery may break the previously established simplicity and elegance. 

Clutter, None

“Your home is a living, not storage space.”

Homeowners who have successfully detached from the need to hold onto items they don’t really use claim that this has not only helped them organise their homes better, but it also has a huge psychological effect – this practice helps relieve stress.

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That being said, modern homes rely on various clever tools, built-in gadgets, shelves, closets and appliances that are seamlessly and conveniently built into the walls. This makes for easier living as there’s no clutter and people are able to move around more freely. All of that amounts to a refined and polished look.

Apart from taking action to get rid of all unnecessary items, for those items you decide to keep, you can use very nook, cranny and high shelf as to store them properly away. But remember, the idea is not to hide clutter away – you should be able to find everything you need (need being the keyword here). The items you decide to keep should not interrupt the calmness of the home visually, but they should also not be in a chaos within the storage space itself. 

Note: Forgotten areas such as under-the-stairs or underneath windows can be turned into practical storage solutions for your contemporary style house.

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