6 Natural Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

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No one likes to have pests in their home. Not only are they annoying and unsightly, but some of them can also be dangerous to your health. Fortunately, there are a few natural ways you can keep your home pest-free without the use of harsh chemicals or other potentially hazardous products. In this article, we’ll discuss several simple steps you can take to naturally rid your home of pesky critters and ensure it remains free from future infestations.

Baking Soda for Killing Bed Bugs

Baking soda is one of the most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs in your home. Baking soda has a desiccant effect, which means it can absorb moisture from the environment and dry out any living organisms that may be present. When sprinkled directly on the mattress or other areas where bed bugs are found, baking soda will kill the bugs and their eggs. To maximize its effectiveness, it’s best to leave the baking soda on the surface overnight before vacuuming it up in the morning. Additionally, some people also recommend mixing baking soda with equal parts of flour and sugar to make a stronger desiccant mixture that is more effective at killing bed bugs. You can click here to get both sides of the argument on the efficacy of this method. It’s important to note that this method should not be used in any area where children or animals have access, as ingesting baking soda can be hazardous. 

Essential Oils for Repellent Purposes

Another natural way to keep away pests is through the use of essential oils. Certain plants produce unique oils with powerful aromas that can be used to repel pests. Some of the more common essential oils that are effective against pests include citronella, lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. These oils can either be used in their pure form or diluted with other liquids like water or witch hazel. The best way to use essential oils for pest control is to mix a few drops of the oil with warm water and spray it in areas where pests are likely to enter. Additionally, essential oils can be added to homemade cleaners or even used as air fresheners to deter unwanted guests. Keep in mind that some essential oils may cause irritation if applied directly onto the skin, so make sure to use caution when handling them. Lastly, it’s important to note that essential oils should be used in moderation as excessive use may result in a pest becoming immune to their effects over time. 

Vinegar For Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

When it comes to keeping cockroaches away from your home, one of the most natural ways is to use vinegar. Vinegar can act as an effective repellent and help keep these pesky insects out of your house. Start by mixing equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spritzing it into the corners of your kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas where cockroaches are likely to hide. You can also leave small dishes filled with vinegar around your home or sprinkle some along any entryways leading in from outside. This will help keep away any cockroaches that may be looking for a way inside. Additionally, try to eliminate any sources of standing water around your home such as leaky faucets or drains as this can attract cockroaches. By combining natural repellents and preventative steps, you can help keep your home pest-free. 

Mint To Deter Ants

Another natural way to keep ants away from the home is to use mint. Ants do not like the smell of mint, so planting some near your doors and windows can be a good deterrent. Additionally, you can create an insect-repelling spray using fresh mint leaves or peppermint essential oil diluted with water. Simply spray this mixture around doorways and windowsills, or any other areas where you’ve noticed ants appearing. If the scent begins to fade, simply reapply more of the mixture. 

Additionally, consider investing in some mint-scented candles or air fresheners which can also help repel the ants. Citrus oils such as lemon and orange have similar effects too and can be used in a similar way. You can also throw some citrus peels in areas where ants are entering the home, as well as around the outside of your house to keep them away from your doorways and windows. 

Making Natural Repellents

Another natural way to keep away pests is by making your own homemade repellents. Homemade repellents are cheap, easy to make, and can be tailored to suit the needs of your home. Natural ingredients such as cayenne pepper, garlic, citrus oils, and vinegar can all be used in your own homemade concoction.

Start by mixing two cups of water with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle; this will help the natural ingredients to stick to surfaces and deter pests. Once your base is ready, start adding the desired ingredients for your repellent. For example, if you’re trying to keep away ants, mix in some cayenne pepper or garlic cloves with a few drops of lemon essential oil. Similarly, if you’re trying to repel cockroaches, add some baking soda and vinegar to the mixture. Make sure the ingredients are mixed well until they form a consistent solution.

How To Use Natural Repellent

When you’re ready, spray your concoction around entryways or anywhere else pests might enter your home. You can also use this natural repellent on surfaces like tables and countertops to keep pests away. Additionally, consider using natural traps to capture and contain any pests that have already made their way into your home. These traps can be easily made with everyday items such as plastic containers, cardboard boxes, or paper bags. Just fill the container with a combination of bait and water and wait for the pests to enter.

In summary, keeping your home pest-free doesn’t have to involve harsh chemicals. By using natural repellents and preventative steps, you can help create a barrier around your home that will deter pests from entering. Investing in some mint-scented candles or air fresheners, planting mint near entryways, and making homemade repellents are all excellent ways to keep your home pest-free. Additionally, consider using natural traps to capture any pests that have already managed to get inside your home. With a little bit of effort, you can ensure your home is free from unwanted visitors.

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