8 Garden Makeover Ideas

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If your garden is looking tired, overgrown, and you don’t feel like using it, perhaps it’s time for a makeover. Transforming your outdoor space will add a new lease of life and will likely inspire you to step out into the sunshine more often. You don’t need to completely overhaul your garden to freshen it up. Instead, you can make small changes that will turn it into the envy of your friends and will boost your property value – continue reading to find out more.


Having furniture in your garden is a great way to encourage you to use it more often. If you’ve got the space, install a patio and invest in some quality outdoor furniture – we suggest a folding set if you’ve got a small courtyard-type patio area. For those of you with larger gardens and pathways, you can use one of these benches for outside to help zone the area. When choosing outdoor furniture, you should splash out on the budget a little bit. After all, choosing quality will be cheaper down the line. 


Tiered gardens are a great way to maximise the space, but traditional steps can look ugly. Therefore, you can create a lawn and integrate it with the steps, which makes the garden flow smoothly. Alternatively, if your garden is slightly uneven, you can install decking to create a level surface, which you can use to relax and enjoy the sun on a high sun lounger.


You can use trees as part of your garden design, especially mature trees for blocking the sunlight. As well as shading your garden, trees can keep noise out, transform unappealing sights, and reduce air pollution. Further, they will help nurture life in your garden by providing cover for birds, pollen for insects, and flushing your garden full of oxygen. 

Shape Your Lawn

When you take a look outside, the chances are the majority of your garden is made up of grass, and it’s most likely rectangular. Believe it or not, you’re allowed to go against the grain and shape the grass however you like, which can help to frame your garden perfectly. For example, you could add curves along the edges and install flower beds and gravel to add definition. Once you’ve put in the hard work shaping your garden, you can keep it looking trim with a fancy new robotic mower

Plant Planning

When designing your garden, try to factor in beautiful flowering plants to add bursts of colour. Surround your lawn and paved areas with built-up flower beds. You can use evergreen bushes to punctuate the ends of each section and fill in the areas with your favourite garden plants. If you’ve got a dining area, you should use thin flower beds to highlight the area and hanging planters can help add ambience. 


If you’re aiming for a full lengthy transformation and you’ve got the space, you can use well-placed pavements to help direct a garden. For example, using randomly placed white stones will set the scene for the French countryside; gold patterned stones will provide an English country vibe, while black pavements provide a modern setting. If you need help designing your pavement, take a look here. 

Make Boundaries Attractive

Hedges and fences can make a small garden feel unattractive, so try and do something about it, especially when it’s the only thing you can see. You can use colours to blend fence work or plant climbers for a majestic feel. If you live in rented accommodation and aren’t allowed to make changes, you can add a trellis or thatched screens to disguise them. For people with their own property, you must find out if a fence belongs to yourself or the neighbours – simply ask permission if it doesn’t belong to you. 

Light It Up

Your garden isn’t exclusive to daylight, so explore lighting options to create the perfect evening atmosphere. Using multiple sources of light keeps it layered, in the same way as you use lamps indoors. Our favourites are a combination of fairy lights, wall lighting, and ground lamps. If you want to continue using your garden when the cooler weather rolls in, consider integrating a fire pit for that cosy feeling. 

What’s the point in having a garden if you aren’t using it? Putting work into remodelling aspects of your outdoor space will entice you to step outside more often, which is great for our mental health. You don’t need to spend a lot of money because you can usually repurpose what’s already there.

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