8 simple tips on refurbishing your bathroom like a spa

Tips on refurbishing your bathroom like a spa

It is kind of ironic and sad that bathroom among all other home spaces is used the most in terms of daily traffic; and yet it is not ‘showered’ (no pun intended!) with the same attention and decorations we heap on other rooms. Well, the good news is – as it turns out, redesigning and redecorating your bathroom is not exactly a costly affair. So, without any further ado, let us check out eight such easy tips that will help you to refurbish crucial parts of the bathroom space like a brand new spa.

1. Choosing the right bathroom for the redecoration –

The very first tip obviously entails choosing the credible bathroom for your for the spa makeover. In conventional terms, a spa is associated with opulence and privacy. Quite naturally, choosing your hallway bathroom that is accessible by kids is not exactly a good idea. However, an en suite bathroom connected to your master bedroom might just serve the purpose, because of its easy privacy and general spaciousness.

2. Cleaning up all the mess –

A clean bathroom is a good looking bathroom. So, it is high time to roll up your sleeves and go for deep cleaning sessions of the space with some powerful cleaners and instruments. Also make sure that your ever trusty tub and sink are free from those devious mildew growths and yellow stains. Bring in an expert if needed be.

3. Re-painting with the right color scheme –

Fresh coats of paint are pretty essential for bringing the ‘life’ back into your ole bathroom. The sense of calmness and serenity should be the order of the day, with shades like mellow yellow, lime green and sky blue ruling the roost. And, beyond just walls, you can also opt for repainting the fixtures that would match up with the background facades.

4. Lighting is the key to ambiance –

Whether we notice it or not, an upscale spa always exhibits those tepid lighting arrangements that sort of give an ‘intimate’ aura to the entire space. Opt for a similar scope, where the comfortable glow of the lighting installation is predominant over the direct effervescence of bulbs.

5. Glass shower door –

A frame-less glass shower door really notches up on the ritzy quotient of your bathroom. This technique is more preferable if your shower is located at one corner of the bathroom. The corner placement of a glass enclosure not only saves space but also presents itself in full view of the beholder.

6. Smell dictates the atmosphere of your bathroom

The oft ignored scope of fragrance goes a long way in convincing the user the spa-like quality of your bathroom. In this regard, do make use of the ‘calming’ agents to recreate your very own spa-esque atmosphere. The fragrance products available in the market range from aromatic candles to essential oils.

7. Spa accessories for your spa bathroom –

Till now, you have conquered the senses of overall sight and smell, and it is time to give attention to smaller details. To recreate the ambiance of an original spa, you can opt for those assortment of spa accessories, like – sea sponges, loofahs and candle treatment supplies. You can also scale up on the indulgence by bedecking the towel stand with plush towels and sprinkling your hot bath with herbs like lavender and mint.

8. Upgrade your flooring –

This step would arguably prove to be the costliest of all the redecoration ideas mentioned in the article. But if you have the funds available after following all the aforementioned tips, you should definitely upgrade your bathroom flooring. In this regard, granite and other solid surface materials endow that naturalistic essence of spa. And, also make sure the texture and color scheme of the new flooring matches with the other parts of the bathroom, including the walls and fixtures.

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