8 Ways to Create a Therapeutic Environment in Your Living Space

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Research continues to show a big link between our health and the environment, science demonstrates that patients who are surrounded by soothing smells, sounds, textures, and visuals have better results. 

The space we live in contributes to our well-being and overall health. The more soothing and comfortable a space is the simpler it will be for any ill person to focus and respond to their healing. 

You don’t need to be a patient sick in a hospital bed to enjoy the benefits of a healing space. In reality, developing one in your own space can be as simple as rearranging your ornaments, pieces of furniture, surroundings or adding more natural elements to your environment. Below are eight ways to help you create a therapeutic environment in your lived-in space.

Establish the space

Take some time to try and identify things that make you feel relaxed and feel comfortable. This could be a sentimental photo, a view from a window, or a flowering plant. You can take it a step further and add a comfortable chair or rug in an area in your home if you like. 

Once done, incorporate objects that enhance, serene feelings, calmness, these objects can be a cozy blanket, a candle, a cup of tea, scented oils or frankincense and myrrh candle

Declutter your space

Your therapeutic space must be free from all objects that don’t help you feel better. Remove any piles of magazines, books, and paperwork from your view. Replace any photographs or artwork that bring stress with objects that evoke calm and peace. 

Welcome nature in

People respond positively to elements of nature such as sounds of the wind, the smell of pine, and natural light. But this doesn’t mean your healing space won’t do “the magic” if, for instance, your space does not overlook the shores of a beautiful lake.

You can incorporate a seascape or landscape photograph or painting. Surround yourself with cut flowers or houseplants and utilize an essential oil spray to imbue the environment with smells of nature. 

You can also arrange your furniture to encourage engagement and interaction. Place sofas, chairs, and additional furniture so that people who come into your space interact with you shoulder to shoulder, at eye level, and not across a table. Ensure the space is quiet enough for a healthy audible conversation to work and make sure that the space is not too cold or too hot.

Pick the right colors

Select colors that are suitable to your personality and mood. Colors like yellows, oranges, and reds stimulate and energize. Other hues like violet, blue and green can invoke feelings of restfulness and peace.

Choose green

Plants play an important role in every lively home. But you can always include additional natural elements to develop a more healing environment. Make use of natural scents and oils or perhaps create an aquarium, natural sounds of music, or a small fountain. These elements contribute to making a home unique and give the home therapeutic energy.

Family pictures and artwork

If you love artwork, make them a focal area in your living room. Individuals usually build their space around a big TV set, however that adds no contribution to their health, and it’s certainly not part of any healing environment, unlike art. So it’s a good idea to place your most loved art pieces on show while you also choose a corner to place pictures of your family. 


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your house needs to feel comfortable for the people who live with you and for yourself. If you discover a piece of furniture that doesn’t look very pretty or on-trend yet feels cozy, go for it. The mere fact that you think it’s special means the furniture piece has personality. 

Most of us already have that picture-perfect home, but what is important is creating a feeling that simply follows an illusion.

Minimize toxins

Having a home littered with toxins is the direct opposite of having a healing environment. This is particularly hard to remove if you stay in a big city, but you can play your part. Ensure your home is clean and use natural and organic cleaning products. Investigate the natural products and see which ones you can make yourself and look to find the best shops you can buy them. 

If for some reason, you’re unable to designate a space in your house or apartment, think about other options like visiting the museum, temple, church, or even your most loved seat at the local coffee shop. 

The most important factor in your personal healing is the environment is you.Regardless of where it is or the kind of objects you place there, make sure it only has sights, smells, textures, and sounds that mean something to you.

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