Things to Do Before and After Your Plant Delivery from an Online Store

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Recently, a lot of people do their transactions online using credit cards and coupons. Purchasing flowers is no exception. Who likes to travel 100 miles to get some flowers when they can get them from an online vendor? 

Several plant species are hard to find in local stores. The reason for this is that plant stores tend only to purchase high-demand plants. It is the only way they can keep up with store bills and other charges. 

There are several things you can do before and after ordering a planted pot online. We will exposit on some of them in this article. 

Consider These 3 Things Before Purchasing a Plant Online

Consider the Reliability of the Seller

Getting recommendations for a vendor to patronize sounds like a good start. A survey shows that 60% of consumers purchase a product after recommendations by their friends. Enquiring from friends and relatives is a way to check the reliability of the seller.

Another good way to check is by reading online reviews. Google and several other sites, like social media, provide reviews for certain products and services. You can read these reviews to know what other people think about the vendor.

However, you should keep to heart that not every online review is genuine. Some publishers or comments are by the company or its competitors.

Consider the Plant Specifications 

Another point you should put into consideration is the plant specification. Do not only rely on the fancy pictures displayed on the store site. Get an idea of the plants before placing an order. You can click on to read about ways to identify a plant.

The photos displayed on the site might not show the accurate qualities you desire. For example, a picture might show the plants to be very colorful while the original is not. With this, it is necessary to view the description of what you are about to purchase. 

Read the Shipment Details

Before placing your order, ensure you read the information detailed on shipping. Ensure that the plants you are ordering can get to your location. For instance, US citizens are not allowed to ship products from outside the country.

In instances like this, you can only purchase plants from vendors within the US. Reading the shipment details will prevent you from breaking the law and save your plants from dying at the Customs office.

Know the Estimated Arrival Time

Take note of the estimated time of arrival. Before shipping, the plants are in a box. The temperature inside those boxes might not be suitable for it. If it will take a longer time to arrive, it simply means that the plants will spend that much time.

Shipping companies usually add a priority shipping package. You can use this when shipping delicate products. Priority shipping is best when shipping your plants. Though it is expensive, it is more desirable.

Check the Weather Details before Shipping

One part people often forget to consider is the weather details. Some plants do not survive in high temperatures. It might not be within your power to control the weather. However, you can determine when it is shipped.

4 Things To Do After Purchasing a Plant Online

Finally! Your order has arrived. These four steps will help you prepare it for its new surroundings.

Remove the Package from the Box

You might be wondering why this is an actual step. Who would not open a new package immediately when it arrives? Some people would not. Several persons are fond of letting their delivered packages lie around their homes without opening them.

Recall that the boxes used in packaging these plants might not have suitable survival conditions for them. You do not have the luxury of leaving the houseplant box unopened. Once it arrives, you should quickly open it and remove it from its carton.

Check Your Delivery

You can do the unboxing in your bathroom or the backyard. It is because the package may have gotten messy during shipping. 

Now, examine the delivery critically. After checking, if you see some damages, you can take a clear picture of the damaged area. The picture will be used as evidence when filing for a return. Ensure the damage is worth a refund and not just a missing petal or two.

 Ensure you remove all packaging materials. In some cases, there might be hidden packaging like growth mesh and ties. They can restrain the growth if you do not remove them. Do not throw away the instructions or labels on the plants.

Move the Plant

You should have potting soil ready before the package arrives. Ensure it is of the accurate soil quality as specified by the breeder. Make sure the container is deep enough to reach the plant root. 

However, if your plant order was a potted plant, this step is not necessary at first. Ensure it has stayed for some time before repotting. You can read this article to know how to repot a plant.

Water Thoroughly

How to Water Houseplants (and How to Know if You're Overwatering) | Better  Homes & Gardens

Watering a plant delivered through shipping is the first treatment that it should receive. You can do this a few days after its delivery. Pour in water gradually into the container until it overflows. Ensure that the container has enough drainage holes to allow the water to go out.

Allow the Plant to Adjust

These tender lovelies have been through enough rough times. From a controlled greenhouse, traveling through several distribution centers, and arriving in a new home. The transition might affect their growth.

With this, it is necessary to allow the plants some time to acclimate to their new environment. Do not rush in to repot or make any change. Ensure the light exposed to it is the usual light. Try not to overwater it.


Ordering things from the web is the new normal. The advantage is that you can find almost anything you want with ease. You can also purchase a plant online. However, there are several things you can consider doing before and after placing your order. We have discussed these things here and hope they’ll be useful to you. 

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