8 year old invents a conception to keep our books dry in the bathtub!

There is certainly no age bar for inventing something cool. Mozart started his compositions by the age of five. And, now an eight year old has devised a simple mechanism by which you can actually read your books in the bath-tub without getting them wet.

Invented by Redditor Crash-From-Space’s small daughter, the conception comprises of suction cup (for holding on to the book) that is fixed to the wall by a presumably elastic thread. So, when you are done reading, you simply let loose the book to be carried upwards to safety (though this last part is conjecture on our part).

Of course, we do not yet know if there is any additional technique to keep your books from warping by the effects of so much water vapor and humidity.

Conception to keep books dry in bathtub

Via: BoingBoing

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