Arzum Firrin – A horizontal-popping toaster that keeps you safe

A kitchen (and wedding gift) without a toaster is nigh unimaginable. Nonetheless, it is still gravely remarkable on how the safety credentials of such toasters have remained the same over the years, thus resulting in number of accidents like burning your fingers to even electrocuting yourself.Horizontal Toaster_1

Well, ‘Arzum Firrin’ toaster looks forth to righteously solve these issues. The core mechanism of the conception totally eschews those vertical pop ups. Instead, the toasted bread emerges horizontally, when you push a button to slide out a tray.

So, in a nutshell, you no longer have to fight your way through gravity and those burning mazes to salvage your burnt piece of breakfast; you can easily get it from the opening tray.

Of course, for people with ‘no time to waste’, the Arzum Firrin has the slight disadvantage of toasting one bread slice at a time. However, for guys/girls like us who like their fingers not too smoked, it is a small price to pay.

And, since we are talking about pricing, the Arzum Firrin (available in four models) will set you back by around $72.

Horizontal Toaster_2 Horizontal Toaster_3

Via: IncredibleThings

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