The Fat Magnet sucks off fat from food items!

Fat Magnet – the very term might paint a picture of some grease drizzled food stuff obese people are attracted to. However, in actuality, the scope is rather opposite.

Fat Magnet is a novel device which has the unique capability to suck off fat from the food’s surface! In this regard, the device actually comprises of a metallic cone that can be applied atop the surface of food items like stews, soups and rich gravies, after it has kept in the refrigerator for some time (in freezing temperature).Fat Magnet

Now, coming to its actual working ambit, the freezing device is touted to absorb the fat floating on the top surface of food items. However, we are not too sure about the suction of this fat in the first place.

This is because, biologically – it is not only fat that makes us ‘fat’. Moreover, we do not yet know if the Fat Magnet shows any kind of indication on how much fat (or percentage of fat) it has actually siphoned off to make our food healthy.

Of course, the overall working scope is still unique and in some ways even conscientious. And, if you are still gravely concerned about that daily growing paunch, do give a gander at this link.

Fat Magnet_1

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