A 145 square-feet tiny house by Joel Weber to lead a debt-free life

Tiny House Joel Weber

In today’s time when everybody dreams of a debt-free living; Joel Weber a 25-year old student of Texas University transformed his dream of living a mortgage-free life into reality by building a Tiny House for himself. Joel a design major created the floor plan himself and spent only $20,000 for the construction of 145 square-feet tiny house.

The house is built from reclaimed woods and reproduced materials, making it possible to leave zero carbon footprints in the environment. The tiny house is built on an 18-foot flatbed trailer with sufficient space to have two lofts. The house comprises a reading area kitchen with oven, stove and a sink, a coffee table and a bench that can convert into cot.

Tiny House Joel Weber-1

The stairs for the bed are designed to be used as storing area; there is a space for mini fridge, heater and a stainless steel workstation. The tiny house’s bathroom still does not have any toilet, and Joel uses the guesthouse for the same. However, according to Joel his next project is to build a toilet, he also desires to put some solar panels and a rain water collector, as his house is all about living small and giving back to the environment.

Tiny House Joel Weber-2

Tiny House not only helps you to live an environment friendly life but also allows living a simple and happy life. Tiny House Movement has taken its toll on today’s youth as everybody wants to live a happy and mortgage free life.

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