DIYer converts IKEA HEMMES into Ubuntu powered multi-touch coffee table

HEMMES multi-touch table by Jules_1

Necessity is the mother of invention and the HEMMES multi-touch table by Jules is the most recent example of how one’s need drives him/her to push the limits. According to Jules, he was longing for a multi-touch table but high cost was the obstacle, so he decided to build one for himself that is powered by Ubuntu GNOME 15.04.

The IKEA HEMNES was the perfect choice building the multi-touch table because of its dirt-cheap price. The technical stuff used for building the table is Dell P2314T multi-touch monitor, Intel NUC, Monoprice Mini DisplayPort, Leap Motion controller, Logitech K830 wireless keyboard, USB DVD drive and various USB and HDMI cables and, obviously, a lot of research to get the desired result.

To have more vivid experience, the DIYer also used GNOME 15.04 to power the Dell multi-touch monitor, making it an Ubuntu powered coffee table. He chose Ubuntu over other OS because it has a reasonable multi-touch gesture support for a better and pleasing online experience over a morning coffee meeting.

HEMMES multi-touch table by Jules_2

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