Aeon Labs Sensor ‘smartly’ alerts you when your home’s doors or windows are opened

Aeon Labs Door Window Sensor_1

Sometimes a bit of that extra mile on the home’s security scope might just make a big difference in a real life scenario. The Aeon Labs Sensor (available at the SmartThings Shop) accounts for this proverbial ‘extra mile’, with its simple function of alerting you when any of your house’s doors, windows or even drawers are opened.

The mechanism of the sensor detects the motional attribute of the aforementioned objects. On sensing this motion, the device directly sends an alert message or push notification on your smartphone, regardless of your location. However, the user can only get hold of this vital info via a dedicated SmartApp that specifically works in sync with a pre-installed SmartThings Hub (Price – $99).

Interestingly, the working scope of the battery-based Aeon Labs Sensor is not just limited to your average passive alerting system. Users will also have the option of actively pairing the sensor with other smart devices for various controlling functions – like automatically turning on the lights of the room when a door is trespassed, or sounding the alarm when the window is opened.

In any case, a smart sensor that ‘keeps an eye’ on your doors and windows is surely worth in the realm of home-based security. And, the best part is – the price to pay for this improved security is relatively cheap at $50 (plus the $99 for the hub).

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Buy – $50

For more details on other security products from SmartThings, you can take a peek at their online shop.

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