Airbnb’s Floating House takes Thames by storm

An unusual sight of a pastel blue house floating on river Thames stunned the passersby for a while but people were mesmerized when the mystery behind the floating house was revealed to them. The cute pastel blue thing that was seen floating on river Thames is the Airbnb’s floating house that was out on its maiden voyage to celebrate the relaxation of rules on home sharing and short term renting in London, UK.

The floating house is a fully functional house with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom, a dog kennel, birdhouse, garden with real grass, and an apple tree. Comfortable retro furniture adorns the living room, and the yellow walls and the carpet add a peculiar liveliness to the entire décor. Kitchen is fully equipped, with warm and cold water in the sink taps, tea and coffee, everything that one requires for a perfect stay in a lovely floating boathouse.

Coming to the bedrooms, they are hotel like rooms with puffy cushions and super comfortable mattress. The bedside windows present a spectacular view of the river and the huge buildings of Canary Wharf. On the bedside table, there is a reading lamp, so that guests can enjoy reading their favorite books while sailing in this brilliant floating boat. There are also some nautical details, such as like an old compass and a telescope, which give a rustic look to the interior.

The floating house weighs 70 tones and is eight-meter in length. It took four months to twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball to complete this dream house. Designers have given it a look of a tow-story building, with a main front door and windows in both the lower and the upper story. However, there is no upper story and the upper windows are just there for an optical illusion, giving the house a bigger and spacious look.

Via: Webecoist

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