Brick Patchwork from Victorian building adds class to this contemporary house

Brick Patchwork to this house_1

The adage “everything comes full circle” is apt for fashions and trends that keep coming back after going into exile for some years. The same is true for old rustic homes that were once a big hit with crowds, then slopped down, and are again back in fashion.

The PHOOEY Architects are one of the many followers of this new decor that has its roots in the past. They have stunningly used a patchwork of brick to give a modern touch to an already existing double storey heritage house in Melbourne. They have smartly employed the “re-use” and “re-invent” technique in this project.

The architects demolished a dysfunctional portion of the existing house and made it a contemporary and sustainable three-storey house. While adding a rustic feel to both the interior and the exteriors of the house, architects salvaged and upgraded the front section of a Victorian house and used the windows, doors, flooring timbers, security grills and staircase in the contemporary home.

The PHOOEY Architects managed to save everything from the old construction that could give a rustic appearance to the updated house. The slate roof tiles from the old house adorn the front walls of the new construction; the old security screen installed over the new rear window serves two purposes now – sun shading and privacy. The addition of a light well in the new construction makes the home sunny and airy and thus renders it more energy efficient.

The stairs in the old house had safety issues so the architects dismantled the stairs and used wood in the super chic chandelier, the loft bed and some other items. The spiral staircase now is safe and looks beautiful. This house redesigned by the PHOOEY Architects is an ideal example of a home that is energy efficient and is made of repurposed old materials.

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