Alfred Broom – A magnetic combination of a dustpan and a broom

Alfred Broom – the very name concocts those reveries of Michael Caine in his Cockney accent and dignified demeanor. And voila; it turns out that the conception is also polished in its own way! Comprising of the friendly duo of a dustpan and a broom, the entire system (designed by Tom Chludil) is pretty compact to notch up on the convenience factor.

The secret to this state of compactness is the inclusion of a magnetic surface along the dustpan handle. So, while the dustpan and the small broom are detachable, they can be ‘joined’ together by virtue of the magnet.

This certainly improves upon the usability as well as portability of the Alfred Broom; a nifty contraption to keep your house furnishings shiny and civilized (just like the Wayne Manor).

Via: Mocoloco

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