Brocheta Lamp – A contemporary ‘extension’ of our flashlights

Brocheta Lamp_1 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous quote still holds true in our modern times, as is evident from the Brocheta Lamp. Conceptualized and designed by Bicolter design studio, the lamp conception can be seen as a contemporary extension of our daily used flashlights. These scope of extension not only entails a practical function, but also decor and personalized functions. According to the studio –

The object illuminates our home. Its light accompanies the person, it helps him to illuminate the space personally. The environment created when the person is interacting with the object is unique.

So, while the design can definitely act as our flashlight, the ambit goes beyond any single usage pattern. In other words, the Brocheta Lamp additionally comes in handy as a dedicated lighting solution for a particular section of a room or wall. Moreover, the unobtrusiveness of the form also allows the conception to be used as your bed light and even flower vase light. The uniqueness of the situation will continue to change and even evolve according to the need of the person. And, the best part is – this novel degree of personal interaction with the lamp helps in creation of new environments and ambiances within the confines of your house. Brocheta Lamp_2

Via: Bicolter

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