Amanda Luiso’s Fiore integrates standard faucet with a planter

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Ever wondered how to prevent your indoor plants from going brown again due to lack of water? Take a look at the Fiore, an incredibly innovative faucet design by Amanda Luiso that integrates a standard faucet with a vase or planter to help homeowners care for their favorite plants and herbs.

The Fiore owes its design to the split or crook usually found in the middle of a tree. These splits/crooks usually house animals without hindering tree’s health in any way. This idea went into making a faucet that can provide room for something in between without losing its functional purpose.

The idea of including a planter or vase in the faucet’s design stemmed from the fact that faucets are usually placed under a window in kitchens, thus allowing plants to get as much natural lighting and water to grow undisturbed. The thought of growing herbs in the kitchen without taking up too much of space also contributed to the faucet’s deck mounted design.

The idea to place the planter/vase at the back of the faucet came into existence after considering an easy pull out faucet design in front. Having a planter/vase at the back of the faucet would also prevent trash from falling into the food or on the countertops.

Installing the Fiore faucet requires no extra plumbing work as the faucet is built to integrate with any vase or planter placed in it. The design also makes it easy for the homeowner to remove the outer vase and inner planter for cleaning purposes. Homeowners can choose to fill the vase and water the plants manually via a fill button, or switch on an automatic watering feature that would water the plants in the planter automatically every 6, 10 or 14 days.

Fiore aims to allow one to enjoy a beautiful blend of ‘in home cooking’ and ‘urban gardening’ while bringing the outdoors inside in the subtlest way possible.

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