Terra Sink gives modern home a traditional feel

Terra Sink_2

Terra Sink is the newest design from the Gore Design Company founded by Brandon Gore in the US. With his supreme design aesthetics, fine artisanship, and dedication to serve high quality designs, the designer with the assistance of his team at Gore Design has managed to give world some amazing designs, and the Terra Sink is one of them. The company specializes in handcrafted concrete surfaces and interiors like countertops, furniture, sinks and so on.

The people at the Gore Design Company aim to provide their clients products that can stay until millennia. They make use of materials that have more permanence, like wood, steel, and concrete. This choice of materials is evident in Terra Sink that not just is highly functional but also presents an ultra modern design to go with modern kitchen decor. It is a combination of wood and concrete that looks ethereal. The best part is that the design of the sink looks traditional at one glance and futuristic at the other.

A concrete basin sits atop a stack of chopped lumber. Designers at Gore Design use many materials but they say concrete is their defining material. They like it for its honesty, and its longevity, provided users use concrete designs with care. Concrete offers some of the best aesthetic solutions, and the Terra Sink seems to be a perfect instance of it.

The chopped lumber beneath gives this sink a raw and a conventional feel, which allows your modern home a traditional, rustic touch. Designers at Gore Design handcraft their designs, and the way they have given Terra Sink an undulating design is simply gorgeous. Owing to this surging design, the flat ledge in the upper right corner of the polished concrete sink serves as a suitable place where you can place your toothbrush stand, soap, and other things.

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