André Silva’s PRSink marries modularity with simplicity

We daresay sinks have still remained among one of those very few kitchen and bathroom components that have not evolved structurally to harmonize with other advanced conceptions like utility designs and smart devices. And, in a bid to righteously solve this technological void, designer André Silva has conceived his Portable sink. Crafted from sturdy yet light-weight PVC that is highly resistant to impact and chemical abrasion, it is the scope of modularity of PRSink that really tickles our fancy. In this regard, the individual components of the sink can be disassembled and assembled by ordinary tools found in every household.

Coming to the visual ambit, the design of the conception is pretty simple and straightforward, which synchronizes well with the detachable components used for its structure. The sink can also be installed with an easy process which entails the fixing of the contraption to your wall with the help of just four screws. Moreover, the unobtrusive lines and compact bearing improves its degree of usability in both kitchens and bathrooms (with PVC material actually making the cleaning process easier too).

There is an additional lifting mechanism (shaped like a band) that is attached to two side caps on either flanks of the sink. If any user wants to raise or lower the bowl, he/she just has to press these caps for the ‘automated’ lifting/lowering function. This band is available in variant color schemes to match with your interior decor.

So, at the end of the day, PRSink is all about its modular scope that can be customized as per user’s preference. In fact, it is this degree of modular essence that would conveniently allow the conception to be installed in various places like homes, transportation facilities and even makeshift shelters.

Thanks, André Silva

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