Architect designs a charming 700 sq ft living space inside a Victorian styled house

Architect Sarah Deeds apartment_1

Architects everywhere are taking the world by a storm with their incredibly artistic, yet surprisingly space-saving home designs. Well, Sarah Deeds, the architect of Deeds Design, showcases her designing talents as befits the poster child for such spatially efficient house designs.

Her 700 sq ft attic floor apartment in a renovated 1906 Victorian-style house in Berkeley, California, has one bedroom space in addition to a guest room which she fashioned out of the loft with the help of a bookshelf ladder.

The apartment, which was previously occupied solely by Deeds and her cat, now houses two more people,-  her boyfriend and their baby Willa, and a dog. Willa’s bed is in her parents’ bedroom, while her changing space is situated in the small, but cozy living room.

A 120 square feet studio on the backyard of the house serves as a home office for Deeds as well as an art studio for her boyfriend. She designed the studio in a clever irregular pentagon shape to optimize the limited space inside.

This cute little studio has been constructed with self-milled, FSC-certified redwood which she recycled from a road widening project in Sonoma County. The exposed stainless-steel hardware on the exterior, according to Deeds, lends the office-cum-art studio a clubhouse feel.

Apart from its space optimization and easy do-it-yourself features, the design of this studio building is distinctly simplistic, minimalist, convenient and honest.

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