Studio NL’s work space desk houses a sleeping bed inside it

Eye-lids getting heavy, the computer monitor in front getting hazy, and finally the sensation of head spinning for that wondrous, blissful realm of deep sleep – many of us who work late (or have worked late) must have gone through these motions.Studio NL's work space desk and sleeping bed_2

Now, the predicament lies with actually not being able to fall asleep due to the stringent, upright chair designs of our offices or work spaces. In this regard, Studio NL has come up with an innovative solution of a work space that integrates a complete sleeping platform in its lower berth.

This 17 sq ft multi-functional furniture item christened as the ‘1.6 SM of Life’ is a perfect example of infusing a live-work concept into the product design world. Crafted by Greek designer Athanasia Leivaditou (of Studio NL), the usability features are pretty straightforward. The top facade of the work desk slides out so that the user can release the side panels (and thus creating an access to the sleeping platform). The perpendicular panel also drops out at an angle (connected by chains), for comfortably accommodating your pillow and head rest.

And, if you thought this completes the lounge credentials of 1.6 SM of Life, then you are sorely wrong. The integrated space also includes a monitor at the foot of the bed for those late night movies to entertain you, while you are still uncomfortable in your new and smart office space lounge.

Studio NL's work space desk and sleeping bed_1

Studio NL's work space desk and sleeping bed_3

Via: LightPublic

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