Axor Design’s new faucets look like miniature water fountains

Axor Design Waterdream Faucets-1

To add dramatic touch and lively aesthetic to ordinary bathroom taps, Axor Design has come up with exquisite line of faucets that looks like miniature water fountains. These unusual faucets are designed as part of the company’s Waterdream project that focuses on new ways to access water in regular bathrooms.

However, the design each of each tap is so unique that it would make an eye-catching decor element than being a simple water tap. This means the designs can even blend into other areas of the houses, besides bathroom. Ranging from artistic to futuristic, each design is based on the Axor U-base, which is universal mixer base supporting custom-made spouts.

Axor Design Waterdream Faucets-3

For various tap designs, five different designers and architects were commissioned to deliver outstanding pieces with a hint of creativity. The bronze and granite minimal faucet has been created by David Adjaye; Werner Aisslinger has designed a nature-based clay faucet; Studio Massaud is behind the creation of a geometric faucet made from marble; GamFratesi designed meditation-inspired wooden faucet; and lastly Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist have took a playful architectural approach to create their faucet design with integrated steps.

Axor Design Waterdream Faucets-2

All these playful tap designs reflected how faucets can be transformed into statement pieces, while interacting with water. These bathroom fixtures will be fun addition to any contemporary home that requires artistic touch.


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