Bespoke cabinet allows a staircase-like construction on its rear side that leads to mezzanine floor

Attached storage wall to stairwell leads to mezzanine_1

New York City boasts of many an industrial building, and few of them have actually been converted into habitation areas. The Brooklyn apartment in question here also belongs to this rare category, as it was transformed into a residential unit way back in 1980. And now, coming to back to 2014, SABO Project has given their designer twist to the antediluvian building by clearing up many of the old structural components inside the building, and then adding some innovative spaces of their own.

This new scope of refurbishment is quite evident from the shelving blocks along the wall facades of the apartment. These consist of usable improvements like recessed insertions, customized cabinets and even a hidden (but walk-in) closet that are spread throughout the floor. The old but extra height of the floor has also been utilized for constructing loft spaces that are enclosed with glass. This juxtaposition of opaque zones with transparent facades allows for both privacy and distribution of natural sunlight throughout the interior.

One of the bespoke cabinet systems allows for a staircase-like construction on its rear-side that leads to a mezzanine floor. And interestingly, the refurbishing project has also utilized the existing yet old pillars (including one in the bathroom) due to their imposing size and strength that makes for good supporting members. These ‘antique’ columns complement the 100-year old wood form-works originally preserved from the industrial building (made in 1913).

In essence, it is all about the fusion of old and new. However, the resultant composition is not only about the gimmicky nature of this aesthetics, but also includes the functional ambit of the old elements combined with the snazzy bearing of the newer ones.

Attached storage wall to stairwell leads to mezzanine_2

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