Youtuber cooks real dishes with a miniature toy cooking set

Cook real dishes with a miniature cooking set_1

No, this not a diorama set? Or, well…may be it is. YouTube user ‘AAAjoken’ has proven that you can actually cook with your miniature kitchen pots and utensils – as aptly proven by the video below. Commercially manufactured by Japanese toy company Bandai, the Konapun series is obviously envisaged as a toy collection with which you can practice your fake culinary skills.


But as it turns out (courtesy of AAAjoken), you can also try out real dishes with a miniaturized flair of their own. Now of course, the question remains – what is practicality of such as a ‘small meal’? Well, the answer is – none; except for probably those optimized treats for your pet hamster and anorexic friend.

Cook real dishes with a miniature cooking set_2

Via: Sploid.gizmodo

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