The 10 best bathroom scales that are bangs for the buck

A month has passed since the dawn of new year, and it is high time you check up on your weight-losing resolution. And, what better way to do it than in the privacy of your bathroom? Well, here is a list of ten best bathroom scales that are rounded-up on basis of their performance (tracking) capacity, design and of course cost factor (ranging from $25 to $150).

Conventional Digital Scales –

1) Soehnle Solar Star Scale –

Soehnle Solar Star Bathroom Scale_1

We start off with budget buy of Solar Star personal scale by the 140-year old company Soehnle, which comes with its features of LCD screen and automatic on/off button. But the definitive attribute of this bathroom scale is obviously its solar-powered credentials. Touted to function under sunlight (or even artificial lights), the scale can make use of your bathroom’s tepid lighting fixtures. In other words, it totally eschews the need for batteries, thus alluding to better energy efficiency.

Buy – $50.

2) Tanita HD-384 Digital Weight Scale –

Tanita HD-384 Digital Bathroom Weight Scale_2

Touted as the world’s only scale with multi-unit display (with three variables), the HD-384 Digital is perfectly suited to those who are more familiar with metric systems. The multi-level ‘functionality’ is bolstered by the sturdy tempered glass finish (for the standing platform), and a pretty conspicuous blue LCD display that showcases the varied figures pertaining to your weight.

Buy – $75.

3) EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale –

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale_3

Since we are talking about cheapness, the EatSmart Precision Bathroom Scale flaunts its $29 price tag. The cost factor is complemented by the 2014 version comprising of Auto-On Technology and Sensor Accuracy (with preciseness mapped till 400 lbs of body weight). These are accompanied by the default LCD screen with blue back-light, a hardy 8mm-thick tempered glass top, and 4 AAA batteries fueled powertrain. In tune with all these features, the EatSmart product is claimed as the best selling scale in Amazon for the last five years.

Buy – $29.

4) Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale –

Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale_4

Coming to the more advanced side of affairs, the Ozeri Touch boasts of four high precision GX sensors that are accompanied by auto recognition (up till eight different profiles) and three touch sensitive buttons for easy operation. One of these switches pertain to the Infant Tare Button, which is designed specifically for weighing your infants (or even pets) while holding them in your arms. The progressive algorithm does the rest by having the capacity to simultaneously calculate your body weight, fat, and bone and muscle mass.

5) BalanceFrom Digital Bathroom Scale –

BalanceFrom Digital Bathroom Scale_5

Featuring a smart step-on inches technology, the digital scale from BalanceFrom does not need physical tapping or touching to activate itself. This automatic aspect is complemented by a slip-resistant feet area, 4.3-inch blue LCD, and extra-large digital fonts that are easily visible from a substantial distance. Furthermore, the scale is auto-calibrated and automatically turns off when you are done with the device (thus saving its battery-oriented power).

Buy – $25.

Smart Scales –

1) Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale –

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Bathroom Scale_1

Coming to the realm of smart scales, the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale belongs to category of a health-tracking gizmo, with its ability to connect to both iOS and Android mobile devices (via WiFi). In essence, it is compatible with a range of fitness apps, and can automatically recognize up to eight different users (with each account being password protected). Additionally, the Aria smart scale can measure both your weight and BMI with a high degree of precision.

2) Withings Smart Body Analyzer –

Withings Smart Body Analyze_2

See the word ‘scale’ being replaced by ‘analyzer’? Well, that is exactly what the Smart Body Analyzer from Withings brings to the table with its capacity to gauge body weight, body fat, heart rate and even your room’s indoor air quality – all with the aid of position control. All of these measured data can be uploaded on to your favored mobile device via both WiFi and Bluetooth. Moreover, the complementary Health Mate app (for iOS and Android) showcases your weight-improvement pattern with visual graphical elements.

Buy – $146.

3) Escali SmartConnect Body Scale –

Escali SmartConnect Body Scale_3

While the previous two smart scales have the limited capacity to weigh till 396 lbs, the SmartConnect Body Scale from Escali has the robust ability to measure till 440 lbs. The dedicated app of Escali SmartConnect helps in instantly tracking your body weight and BMI. And, the best part is – the sleekly-built smart scale doesn’t waste too much battery power, since it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

4) Blipcare Wi-Fi Weight Scale –

Blipcare Wi-Fi Weight Scale_4

With the ability to account for ten different users, the Blipcare Wi-Fi Weight Scale takes things to a personalized level. To that end, the contraption can be set with timely reminder mode that alerts you periodically to check your weight. Furthermore, unlike other comparable devices, this smart scale is perfectly safe for both pregnant women and people with pacemakers. All of these attributes are accompanied by an advanced analytics system that can be synced-up with a Blipcare Blood Pressure Monitor to give more detailed data concerning your health and mass.

Buy – $100.

5) Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale –

Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale_5

Arguably the cheapest of all the smart scales, the Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale totally eschews the need for either Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to your smartphone. Instead the device syncs up its measurements with a Weight Gurus app that utilizes your smartphone camera (for both iOS and Android OSes). So the the app interface in your phone uploads this info, and acts as the main scale display. This UI scope is further improved with various information pertaining to graphs, charts and day-to-day basis tracking.

Buy – $40.

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