Best Modern Kitchen Equipment for Your Home in 2020

modern kitchen equipment

A kitchen is an essential part of a house. It’s everyone’s dream to have a modern kitchen
equipped with the contemporary appliance that will make it stand out. Well, if that’s your dream,
Here is a list of current modern kitchen equipment you should consider purchasing.

Microwave Oven

It is a number one must-have modern appliance in your kitchen. It is multipurpose cooking equipment that you can use to make curries, bake a cake, grill vegetables, and many more. When you have it in your kitchen, it makes warming and defrosting of food more convenient compared to using the old stove. In case your stove is out, you can use this microwave as a backup to cook.

Steam Oven

It prepares meals using steam, no need to use fire. This method of cooking is considered as the best because food retains its flavor as well as Vitamins. They are very popular among people with small families. They do not take a lot of space; they occupy the same space as microwaves. It has an automatic self-cleaning ability that leaves it sparkling clean.

Coffee Maker

There are various great designs of coffee makers. If you love coffee, you can make your easy by getting a coffeemaker. If you want to get a coffee maker, ensure that you get a programmable one. It will give you an option to set your coffee to brew at night and get woken up by the great smell of coffee in the morning. You can get one that has a thermal carafe, which makes sure that your coffee is hot for hours.

Toast Oven

There are so many types of toast oven. You can choose to get a standard look, and you can also use it to improve your kitchen design. 


Modern kitchen equipment and appliances are developed in such a way that they make your kitchen chores less hectic. So, if you need to chop your veggies, you can use this chopper. All you have to do is place onions and vegetables, then spin the blade, and they are chopped in a minute.

Fridge with smart technology

SMART tech on a refrigerator depends on what it can do, but there is a list of different SMART capabilities. Therefore before you get one read through the fridge features and find what SMART technology it has since they are different. Smart fridges are also ideal commercial kitchen equipment. Some of the features that you can get in a Smart fridge include the following.

  • Notifications – you will get an alert when the fridge door is open. These notifications can come in handy if you have kids who open the fridge and live it open.
  • App integration- if you have a smart fridge, you can download an application and use it to control the refrigerator from anywhere. 
  • Voice control- some fridges are developed with the ability to connect with a voice to enable you to issue commands to it.
  • Temperature alert


When you get an electrical cook-top for your kitchen, it takes away the struggle that you go through while trying to install a gas cylinder and pipe. It is even safer compared to the tradition stove.

Smoothie Blenders

If you want to have a convenient smoothie making experience, you should go for a smoothie blender. When looking for a blender, ensure that you consider the following features: warranty, powerful motor, large pitcher, stirring stick, and a tap-dispenser.

Today, cooking has become more of an art and not a regular household task. So, it is vital to ensure that you get the right appliances for your kitchen. If you like cooking on the appliances as mentioned above will make your life easier. Most of the above types of equipment are ideal for a home and not a restaurant. You can always search for commercial kitchen equipment if you want equipment for your restaurant.

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