BioLite creates sustainable, power-generating wood stove called BaseCamp

BaseCamp is the latest brainchild in a long line of impressive energy-efficient wood-burning stoves, mainly for backpackers and campers, by BioLite. The NYC-based company, which was launched back in 2009, is known for its innovative outdoor-cooking gear, that also generate off-grid electricity. One of their premier products is CampStove, a portable stove with thermoelectric generator that is capable of charging your gadgets while cooking your food.Bio lite base camp_1

In fact, the rightful successor of CampStove is the larger and more powerful BaseCamp. What is unique about this wood stove is the 13-inch grill top that allows you to cook and grill your vegetables and meat, as you please.

The energy-efficient stove relies on wood fuel to produce the optimum heat required for cooking. A thermoelectric generator fitted inside the stove generates electricity from the surplus energy( i.e. heat energy). The produced electricity not only powers a fan on the inside that keeps the fire burning, but also a 5-watt USB charger that can easily recharge your tablet, smartphone and headlamps. The excess electricity is stored in the integrated battery pack.

Although bigger in size than the CampStove, the compact shape of the BaseCamp makes it incredibly lightweight and easy-to-carry. A large aperture for loading wood pieces into the stove is designed on its side. The grill-to-boil lever lets you choose between dispersed heat needed for grilling and a more direct flame required for boiling and other cooking purposes. The flexible light fixture will be a huge boon for those who enjoy late-night picnics.

This sustainable stove is indeed ideal for backpackers, camper, hikers, and especially the gourmet amongst us. BaseCamp was actually voted an outstanding gear at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Show. Priced at $300, it will hopefully be available from September.

Bio lite base camp_3 Bio lite base camp_2

Via Gizmag

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