Privacy Pillow can secretly keep your valuables and other private items

The Privacy Pillow_1

Our geeky senses have driven us to all kinds of cool security products, including the TV mimicking light to keep burglars at bay, and the futuristic┬álock that reads our fingerprints to open. Anyhow, the ingenious designers around the world have seemed to miss out on the most intimate secure spot of all – our pillows! That is up till now, as we have stumbled across the utterly groovy Privacy Pillow.

Draped in soft touch, brushed polyester, the Privacy Pillow looks like any other conventional pillow design. But on the inconspicuous side of affairs, the pillow incorporates a hidden compartment inside its ‘soft’ form. This compartment can be used to hide your valuables and precious collections.

The Privacy Pillow_2

As for the more practical scope, you can also hide other ‘unsavory’ stuff that you may not be so proud of during your sober state (we hope, you get our drift!). In any case, the Privacy Pillow is a remarkably original contrivance that might just improve upon the security ambit of personal items. And, the good part is – you can buy it for a not-so hefty sum of $29.95.

For buying, follow the Amazon link.

Via: DudeIWantThat

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