Botany Bot – A simple robot for watering your house plants

Botany Bot – A simple robot for watering your house plants

Whenever we think about robots, we tend to have reveries of glimmering steel humanoids doing our biding. However, robotics also does play its part beyond science fiction, by simpler practical means. The Botany Bot designed by Team Arduino Garden is an apt example of one such practical domestic application of robots. Comprising of a wooden box system which contains a water storage tank, a pump, and paraphernalia of electrical components, the Botany Bot helps in watering your house plants in an optimized manner.

This entire plant-watering mechanism is initiated via integrated sensors within the robotic system. For example, the sensors ‘comprehend’ when the soil is dry, and as a result activates the built-in pump for delivering water to the plant.

The usability of the garden robot is kept simple and intuitive with an easy-to-follow control panel on the front facade of the Botany Bot. And, with the help of this control panel, the user can regulate the volume of water that is delivered for nourishing the plant. Finally, the scope of convenience is also improved with a notification system. In this regard, the user can be notified on when the plant is watered and when the built-in tank is empty.

For more details, check out Team Arduino Garden’s blog.

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